The Strength of the Mind

Because they need stimulation and variety in their everyday life, many gifted adults have a hard time meeting life partners. They also have a hard time making friends who are intellectually and creatively stimulating. They are passionate about a cause and single-minded in their pursuit of that cause. Often, their feelings of being right makes them appear stubborn or opinionated. Existential depression can occur when life events pile up or a situation becomes untenable.

In work, they are aware of nuances that their superiors can’t see and have a hard time with bosses who can’t even imagine what they are talking about. Emotional sensitivity may cause them to be hurt by the slights of others. Sensory awareness may make it hard to concentrate when the room is too hot, noisy or tense. Perfectionism is often another characteristic of gifted adults, causing them to demand excellence from themselves and others.

Appreciation of the fine arts often causes them to reject popular music or media, becoming out-of-sync with popular culture. Reading is an essential pastime, with piles of books waiting to be read about a multitude of topics.

Activity in many organizations may or may not be balanced. Individuals who are gifted may not be aware of it. Others just think they are odd.

Gifted children are asynchronous in their development, exhibiting cognitive skills far in advance of their physical and emotional abilities. So too, are gifted adults, often appearing much younger than their age. Language and memory in these individuals may test as average, when it actually has declined. Depression can occur in the early stages of dementia when the individual realizes they are losing their memory.

Here are some further resources if you would like to learn more or think you may be gifted.

The Davidson Institute

High Ability

Daily Worth

SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted)


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